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    GLAFIMS Association is abbreviation of the Global Academy of Forensic and Investigative Medicine and Science. This is a collection of people involved in Forensic Medicine, Forensic Sciences, Investigative Forensic Medicine, Law Persons, Investigative Authorities and Persons, Forensic Pathologists and allied sciences. The Main aim of the association is to collaborate and cooperate with each other for the academic and professional development by enhancing mutual interactions. In this page we will link guidelines framed by GLAFIMS time to time within the scope of our vision and mission. GLAFIMS have no legal authority over groups following these guidelines


1. Guidelines for Ethical Communication on Whatsapp Groups [PDF]. These are applicable for ethical whatsapp communications.  All whatsapp group are authorized to follow theses guidelines. GLAFIMS has no control of any legal or ethical values of any group. These guidelines are framed to promote ethical communications in whatsapp group. For obtaining GLAFIMS Compliance Certificate please fill up form.



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