January 26, 2023, Aligarh: On the occasion of Republic Day of India, Glafims Association has released the first issue of its online version of Scientific Medical Journal titled “International Journal of Medical Justice, IJMJ”. GLAFIMS Association is abbreviation of the Global Academy of Forensic and Investigative Medicine and Science. This is a collection of people involved in Forensic Medicine, Forensic Sciences, Investigative Forensic Medicine, Law Persons, Investigative Authorities and Persons, Forensic Pathologists and allied sciences. The Main aim of the association is to collaborate and cooperate with each other for the academic and professional development by enhancing mutual interactions. GLAFIMS Association is a registered with Government of India and collaborated with FORUM LEX ASSOCIATION, ITALY. Professor Mukesh Yadav, President, Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine and Principal of Rani Durgavati Medical College, Banda was the chief guest for the occasion. The occasion was held online on website. Addressing the audience Professor Yadav emphasized the need of good quality of scientific medical publications. He also appreciated the efforts of Editorial Team in bringing the journal on the said platform. Dr Parmod Goyal the editor of the journal mentioned that in online platform of International Journal of Medical Justice, IJMJ there is provision of that all the editorial process from submission to publication of final content is done on live website [https://www.ijmj.net] facilitating participation from global audiences. Dr Suraj Sundaragiri, presented the vote of thanks. All the participants congratulated each other on the occasion of Indian Republic Day. President Glafims Dr Imran Sabri mentioned that it is a historic moment for the association to release its Scientific Medical Journal on the eve of January 26, 2023. Amongst participants present to witness the event were Dr.Perumal P, Dr.  Chaitanya Mittal, Dr. Suraj Sundaragiri, Dr. Parmod Kumar Goyal, Dr. Pragnesh B. Parmar, Dr.    Afzal Haroon, Dr Seema Sutay, Dr  Yatiraj Singi, Ms Roma Khan Dr Richa Gupta, Dr Vijay Pal Khanagwal , , Dr  R. Sridhara Chary, Dr B. Vasanth Naik, Dr     MD Nazeerulla Shaik, Dr    Haricharan.A Dr  Venkat Nagaraju Kampa  Dr    Shruthi Jillella, Dr Barakha Gupta, Dr Lalit Kumar, Dr Nandam Poornachandra Rao, Dr     Pooja Rastogi, Dr Vijay  Kautilya from India and Dr Giuseppina Seppini, Dr George Paul, Dr Vincenzo Agostini, Dr Syed Sibte Hadi, Dr Ahmed Makata Mwinyimtwana, Dr Ritesh Geogre Menezes, Dr Mohd Hakim Hashom, Dr Mohammed Nasimul Islam, Dr Rijen Shrestha, Dr Shubhakar Karra PaulDr Carlos Cuadrado Gómez-Serranillos, Dr Doaa Abdel Wahab El Morsi, Dr Borhan uddin ahamed, Dr Akram Gabriel Nyok Loul, Dr Víctor Gutiérrez Olivárez from Abroad. International Journal of Medical Justice, IJMJ is an official publication of GLAFIMS ACADEMY. Vision of GLAFIMS ACADEMY is “To uplift the status of forensic medicine, investigative medicine and allied health science nationally and internationally by promoting mutual interaction between stakeholders for the advancement of relevant scientific knowledge”. Mission of IJMJ is “To provide a common platform for publishing/sharing good quality of research in the field of Forensic Medicine, Investigative Medicine, Medical Toxicology, and allied specialties like Law, Justice, Nursing, Sciences etc”. IJMJ is indexed in OpenAIRE, International Scientific Indexing. IJMJ follows the recommendations of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals. All paper are provided with DOI by ZENODO.



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